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Brian Hill

Brian Hill


D.O.B: 26/10/62

City: Edinburgh

Sporting Profession/interests: Bodybuilding, Motorbikes, My dogs

Career/Job: Owner of Brian Hill Joinery, Kitchen specialists

Gym: Gracemount Bodybuilding Gym

Competition history/achievements:
2004 – PRO LAB OVER 40’S – 4th
2004 – NABBA SCOTLAND OVER 40’S – 5th
2006 – NABBA, SCOTLAND OVER 40’S – 5th
2006 – PRO-LAB OVER 40’S – 2nd
2006 – EAST OF SCOTLAND OVER 40’S – 4th

Training split: 6 days a week, hard and heavy

Diet: Diet? lets not talk about that, lol! كيف تلعب لعبة البوكر

Supplements used: Cytosport Mocha Latte Protein, Extreme KRX creatine, Synthia 6, Optimum Orange (cant train without it), Vit C, CNP Pro~Recover

Advice / tips / suggestions you have to help others with similar interests: Train hard, train with good form, always.